Whole Car Insurance Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance is a policy that provides car owners protection from costs in the event they get involved in a vehicle accident. We always need to be prepared for the worst and when you have car insurance you can be at ease knowing that beyond your deductible you won’t spend money out of your pocket.

The insurance policy is basically a contract made between you and the insurance agent about the terms and conditions covered in the policy. And in order to keep the policy active you pay a monthly premium to the agent. When it comes to car insurance or auto insurance, it is broadly classified into personal and commercial auto insurance.

Car Insurance Guaranteed Car Insurance Coverage

It is compulsory in many states to possess a car insurance policy at least for a minimal amount. A car insurance policy is valid for a minimum of 6-12 months and one needs to renew it after the expiry date to keep the policy active. Eligibility requirements may vary from state to state, but the coverages are generally the same including medical costs, liability and property damage costs.